Personal Safety Tools

Hazard Observation, Hazard Spotting, STOP, Step Back 5 X 5, Take 2, Take 5, or Time-out.

We don’t care what you call it – but every worker needs the ability to think through the job they’re about to do.

Our simple hazard identification cards are our biggest sellers.

We’ve got three types of pocket cards to choose from plus a procedure showing when and how to get workers to implement a simple hazard identification program.

Identify the hazards, assess the risk, and put in place the basic controls. It’s the cornerstone of risk management, so get started here.

Premier User
Premier User
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Bespoke Design Service
Bespoke Design Service
  • All of the tools you will find on our website are able to be re-designed to match your own company “look and feel”.
HSE Business to Business
HSE Business to Business
  • If you’re a HSE or OHS Business and you have good quality risk management tools that you think would sell well from our shop, feel free to contact us as we’re always happy to chat about business opportunities that improve HSE management across the industry.

Tool Box Talk – Changing-out a PSV

  • includes GST
A tool-box talk presentation on changing-out a PSV in a simple to use question-and-answer format.

An ideal tool for busy Supervisors to lead a group discussion in gas plants, FPSOs, and chemical processing facilities.

PDF – print-ready master to be printed or viewed on-screen.

Suggested Dimensions - best printed single side landscape format as an A4 document.

2 pages

Unrestricted - purchaser may print multiple copies of this document.
Image may be blurred to protect copyright.
Tool Box Talk – Changing-out a PSV
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