Welcome to our shop.

You'll find a complete on-line hazard and risk management program that includes: checklists, pocket cards, forms, guides, training manuals, presentations, posters and other useful tools.

At this site you'll find a range of ready-to-use occupational safety, operational safety and process safety management tools.

You'll find "take 5" and "stepback 5 X 5" tools.

You'll also find JHA/JSA tools as well as Qualitative Risk Assessment and HazOp Study tools.

We've also got safety observation (behavioural safety - BBS) tools as well as a range of other practical tools to help you manage your hazards and minimize HSE risk.

All of the risk management tools featured in our shop have been developed at the request of leading global businesses such as Shell, Woodside, Hess Corp, Santos and Eni.

They've been developed in consultation with leading industry experts and they've been used in the field for a number of years and in numerous locations.

Places you'll find our risk management tools being used include the USA, Denmark, Norway, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Equatorial Guinea, Algeria and Russia.

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